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JONAS PUBLIC RELATIONS is a proactive service-intensive public relations agency specializing in public relations, promotions and marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry. Based in Los Angeles, the agency has solid relationships with high-profile national and local consumer and trade media. We focus on creating multi-level publicity campaigns geared toward generating industry awareness through hard news as well as in-depth feature oriented coverage, providing our select group of clients with maximum public awareness and media visibility.

Through the years, we have established and continued to nurture solid and secure relationships with the major motion picture industry, television, entertainment, music, theater, Internet driven media, business and education editors, columnists and critics. We implement and execute national and local marketing campaigns with a specific emphasis on the personal and sophisticated approach. Our strategy of catering to each client’s individual needs has helped to bring Jonas Public Relations to the forefront of the public relations industry.

Our unprecedented media placements reflect the agency’s extraordinary efforts and amazing contacts for such results. In promoting a project, we do not confine our efforts solely to the entertainment sections of newspapers or periodicals but rather secure stores that have never been placed as prestigiously because of the relationships we have cultivated with the press. We believe in exploring every facet in order to achieve maximum exposure and recognition for our clients. Depending on the nature and subject of each project, we strive to create and develop specific story and photo ideas slanted toward business, science/health, education, women, family interest and hard news pages, as well as the entertainment media. This broad media approach ensures our clients that they will have the most respectable writers and photographers that will enable them to experience a depth of exposure which sets our services apart from the rest.